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there are voices
some shyly dreaming Canadian voices
soothing in their sorry and
longing in their been

 there are voices
who speak of past nightmare
present daze and
future dawn

there are voices
evading of pork chops and
admiring of send flowers lists
who describe the smallness of difference and
the magnitude of if

 there are voices
who whisper indifference means we lose each other
and love is the only way we find our together again
whose timbre shows that strength doesn’t come with racket
racing towards cacophony, demanding attention,
but that strength comes with presence,
perseverance, and a pervading personally shared heaven
that just might be

 there are voices
who share the sadness of sardine sandwiches
and the celebration of the class of
we made it

 there are voices
who sing of the past of where we’ve been
and the future of taking a single step
toward hope

 there are voices
who remind us of the frailty of fear that lies in division
and the might of faith that
rises with tomorrow

 there are voices
simple in the beauty of stating the obvious and
complex in the clarity of a picture
worth a thousand dreams

 there are voices
who affirm the possibility
of a world built upon virtue—
where laughter, love, compassion, and mercy
are handprints in a foundation poured by
kindness, hope, mindfulness, and action

 there are voices
if we have ears

Ⓒ 2022 N. J. Ray. Bedrooms, Bathrooms, and other Empty Spaces. All rights reserved.